About My Knowledge of Yosemite & My Flatlander’s Guide

What Makes This Guide Different?

My knowledge comes from living and working in Yosemite Valley for two summers as a seasonal employee, AND from from traveling back several times over the years as a fellow visitor– hiking, camping, backpacking, riding bicycles, and listening to & observing people. 

Half Dome Bikes

Biking in Yosemite Valley 2009


Have you ever looked at a guidebook for a National Park and been intimidated by the “What To Do if You Only Have One Day” section?  They have you hiking to the base of one waterfall (easy, right?), then hiking 7 miles round trip with 1900 feet of elevation gain to the top of another waterfall, and finally grabbing a bike for a 14 mile jaunt to all the scenic vistas before dinner.  You’d have to be a super athlete to actually do all of that in one day!

This guide is different.  It’s realistic.  It’s a no-nonsense, non-sugar-coated guide filled with real life tips and advice for real people, from a Yosemite insider.


Backpacking Yosemite 2013

Backpacking Yosemite 2013

Over the course of time spent in Yosemite I have witnessed people making dangerous mistakes on the trail and in the water, overheard snippets of conversations about hikes, and seen people unwittingly endanger their children.  I have learned– through observation and experience– that to enjoy your visit you have to really know what to expect on the trails, what activities regular people like you and me can actually fit into a single day, and have some basic skills and knowledge– like the proper clothing and footwear to bring & safety essentials– like how to properly store food and smellables, how much water to take on your hike, and what to do when you encounter wildlife. 

Yosemite National Park is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and I LOVE it!  I want to help you have a safe, fun, and memorable Yosemite experience, so use the knowledge I have gained over the years to make the most of your visit.

Originally posted on January 16, 2014 by Ginger.

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