The Greatest of These is Love

“I wish only to be alive and to experience this living to the fullest. To feel deeply about my days, to feel the goodness of life and the beauty of my world, this is my preference. I am human and experience the emotions of humanity: elation, frustration, loneliness, love. And the greatest of these is love, love for the world and its creatures, love for life. It comes easily here. I have loved a thousand mountain meadows and alpine peaks.”  

~Randy Morgenson

My Most Loved Meadow--Leidig Meadow, Yosemite, July 2009.

My Most Loved Meadow–Leidig Meadow, Yosemite, July 2009.

Randy Morgenson was a backcountry ranger in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks for 28 seasons.  He could be considered the John Muir of our time. You can read his story in The Last Season by Eric Blehm.

Originally posted on April 17, 2014 by Ginger.

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