Yosemite Itinerary & Packing Ideas

It’s a rainy Sunday so I’m having fun working out the nitty gritty details of our upcoming trip to Yosemite and Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks. When I work up an itinerary, I tend to go a little overboard with the details– one, because I enjoy it; two, because I like to know how the days will flow and make sure we have enough hours in the day to do everything we want; and three, so we will know how to pack.

Here is a sample itinerary I worked up today, leaving out our specifics. Not all of this is from memories of past visits– I relied heavily on the National Park Service websites for each park for specifics on weather, trail length, driving distances & for activities and camping and dining options. It’s pretty great that we have free access to these wonderful planning resources. Use this guide to start thinking about your next trip!

And here is an idea of the clothes I will be packing for myself. You can definitely get by with a little less, especially if your itinerary doesn’t include going out to eat in Mammoth, for example. Or perhaps you don’t feel the need for the second set of hiking clothes.

Keep in mind that these recommendations do come from my experience living in Yosemite for 2 summers and from visiting Yosemite by plane for camping and backpacking, and are also based on how my family and I most enjoy our Yosemite trips.

Make your trip yours!

Happy Trails,


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